Energy Efficient Electronics for College Students

In today’s market, college students are most targeted by manufacturers and retailers of energy efficient electronics. Demand for such type of items is on the sharp increase as college students are environmentally conscious. The notion behind this is that college students can not only save money on energy bills but also more importantly they are making responsible lifestyle choice which affects the future of this planet. Here are ten examples of energy efficient electronics:

  1. Television

There are many models of television that are energy star rated and also reasonable that college students can afford. One such model is 15 inch Insignia. It is 40% more energy efficient than other TVs because of its LED back-lighting boosting the energy saving factor.

  1. Computers

Computers being a staple for college goers, it is imperative that it should be in a good condition even in the long run and help to save few bucks on energy costing. Many blue chip companies like Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Dell have started selling Energy Star rated and EPEAT-listed items. All Apple products are Energy Star certified. They took a step further by updating their MacBook Air which has a long battery life, lasting up to 30 days in standby mode. HP products also consume half energy than they use to in primitive times.

  1. Microwaves

This is an essential electronic to students considering that it can reheat food within seconds and makes preparing meals easy. The 12-inch-tall portable microwave from iWAveCube is one such energy-efficient model that drains less power than other models.

  1. Printers

The HP DeskJet model 3050 all-in-one printer is an environmentally conscious investment since it is made from 35% recycled plastic. When this machine is in sleep mode, it uses the same amount of energy as a clock radio.

  1. Lamps

Energy Star certified light bulbs, starting at affordable prices can be easily found at Target. GE’s Instant on Compact Fluorescent bulb uses 75%-78% less energy compared to a standard bulb.

  1. Home theater equipment:

Giant companies like Samsung and Toshiba produce an array of Energy Star labeled DVD players and Blu-ray players. They utilize half the energy than conventional models.

  1. Chargers

The iGo Green laptop wall charger consumes 85% less power. It is multipurpose, charging iPods, phones, MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets.

  1. Gaming Tablets:

Big Fish Game’s Play Write is one of the thinnest, lightest and most energy efficient tablet device available in the market today. It is made for gamers.

  1. Mobile (Smart) Phones:

The most important gadget can also be made green. The Motorola phones are considered to be the best amongst in energy efficiency category.

  • Flashlights:

One of the best is The Fenix LD 20 LED flashlight. It is small, lightweight, ultra powerful and has multiple brightness modes for various uses.
In conclusion, future innovations can be expected that will make electronics even more efficient. Like Intel recently announced a line of more power efficient microprocessors for smart phones and tablets that could make these devices highly more efficient than previous ones and Samsung too vows to make smarter eco-friendly future.



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