Energy efficient pumping solution

Using a two-speed pool motor allows a pool pump to operate at half-speed, which greatly reduces energy costs. Slicing a pool motor speed in half can give you up to 75% back in energy savings! Pool pumps circulate pool water, which is critical to the filtration process of your swimming pool, so why not have a pool pump that saves you money and is eco-friendly?

Cutting in half the speed of a swimming pool pump’s impeller does not reduce electricity costs by the same 50%. Energy costs are cut by an amazing FOUR TIMES as much as the reduction in pool motor speed. Even when longer run times are necessary to complete tasks at slower speeds, the total energy savings is dramatic over full-speed operation.

This astounding, money-saving fact is because of Pump Affinity Laws. These laws are actual mathematical rules and calculations based on centrifugal pump physics. The best part about this mathematical law is you don’t have to study or brush up on your math skills to be able to easily calculate the impact a pool pump’s power and speed have on resistance and energy.

The easiest way to explain it is, a pool system’s total dynamic head increases at twice (2x) the rate power and speed are increased or decreased. The pool pump’s energy needs increase or decrease at four times (4x) the rate of changes in power and speed. Therefore, an energy-efficient pool pump (two-speed or variable speed) operating at half-speed, will have ¼ the head, and need just 1/8 the energy in KW.

Example of Savings:

Full-Speed Pool Pump:

Flow Rate = 119 GPM

Total Dynamic Head = 41 Ft.

Electrical Consumption = 2.7 KW

Switch the full-speed pool pump out with a two-speed or variable speed pool pump:

Half-Speed Pool Pump:

Flow Rate = 60 GPM (approximately ½ the flow of a full-speed pump)

Total Dynamic Head = 8.5 Ft. (approximately ¼ the resistance of a full-speed pump)

Energy Consumption = .41 KW (approximately 1/8 the energy costs of a full-speed pump)

If you have any doubts, read more about the proven Pump Affinity Law to learn that if you cut the pool pump speed by half, and you cut energy consumption even more! When you initially invest in the superior engineering of a variable-speed pool pump, you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

So when it comes time to replace your existing pool pump motor or buy a new one altogether, getting a two-speed or variable speed pool pump is the most budget-friendly and eco-friendly choice!

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