Energy Efficient Tips to save Electrical Energy

Household devices such as DVD players, home theatre systems and televisions when are not in use goes to a standby state, but still they consume some energy. Even the standard lights and bulbs are considered to be less energy efficient.

So there has to a need for putting up energy efficient systems in our houses and offices so as to save as much energy as possible. Saving energy not only saves our precious money but also, helps in reducing the unwanted damage that is done by the production of energy. These are some electronic appliances that assist in reducing the power consumption:

  • Use of Advanced Power Strips: as described earlier, devices, even when switched off, consumes some energy. Just to rectify this, installation of an advanced power strip is suggested as it automatically shuts off the power supply to all other devices connected to the primary circuit. These types of strips are easily available.
  • Installation of temperature sensitive shower heads: we all know heating water consumes a very vast amount of energy. Limiting this is very much crucial. These shower heads automatically sense the optimal temperature of the water and shuts off the water heater. These are available for around 80%. Varying varieties are also available.
  • CFL: Compact fluorescent light bulbs, they not only look cool but also give a much brighter vision in the dark as compared to the conventional bulbs. The power input is very less as compared to the standard light bulbs. These are available for a low price.
  • LED lights: LED lights are another way of reducing the power consumption. As compared to the conventional light systems, LED lights consume 75% less energy and lasts six to seven times longer. In short you save around 75$ in a year. LED lights are easily available in the market, and their price depends on their brand and wattage.
  • Use of a Programmable Thermostat: Programmable thermostat resets itself in the night to cope up with the room temperature. So the overall outcome that it delivers is up to 10% cut in the power consumption. Programmable thermostats are available in the market for 100$.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified Electronics: Use of ENERGY STAR qualified electronic products helps to decrease the power use by the devices up to a greater extent. These devices are rated at a star level, 1 through 5. Where 1 star shows, very less power saving and five stars shows highest power saving capabilities. Electronic items like televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines have such star ratings, so the products should be bought according to this rating only. And it has been noted that ENERGY STAR rated products consumes 40% less energy that a non-ENERGY STAR rated products.
  • Energy Saving Plugs: plugs and sockets are used nowadays which not only consumes less power themselves but also, puts the appliances connected to it into the standby mode, thereby reducing the power consumption by the device. These are available for around 10$.

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