The top 10 energy efficient electronics products in different categories

The evolving concern about the saving earth from the environmental hazards has come up with the several measures. The energy audits, energy efficient products development and cutting on the usages are some of the plans that are widely accepted across the globe. The energy efficiency standards laid down by the global authorities are widely accepted by the countries and manufacturers around the world. You can now easily select the products from different companies based on their energy rating and efficiency.

There is a wide range of products that are available in the energy efficient products that can be purchased. These can be categorized on the basis of different standards.

The lighting products: It is advisable to choose the lighting products that are bearing the blue label on energy rating. There are various products available in the market based on the energy efficiency. The top rated LED lamps are about 68% efficient than the standard bulbs and may help you save about 60% on your utility bill.

The refrigeration range: Energy efficient refrigerators and the cooling products are using the latest technology that reduces the consumption of power in compressors. These can help you save about 16% to 22% of energy over the year.

The cleaning equipments:

All the washing machine and dishwashers must be purchased on the basis of their energy rating as efficient products cut down the power consumption by about 24%. The uses of the latest techniques in power components have comparatively reduced the consumptions.

The air-conditioning range:

While selecting the air conditioners you must go for the highest energy rating products as this will cut down your power bills up to 18% on average. A higher energy rating air conditioner is less prone to pull the power on starting as compared with those with lower rating.

The power equipment:

The latest developed Ferro metallic alloys have made it possible to reduce the losses caused by resistance as compared with the conventional power equipment. These are lightweight and energy efficient. These latest product are quite durable as compared with traditional copper and other metal coils based products.

The gadgets:

You must ensure that all your gadgets are falling in the energy rating standards as the local batteries and nonstandard gadgets are prone to consume more power as compared with the standard gadgets. The usage of the gadgets with non-specified energy rating shall be discarded for reducing the utility costs.

The computer systems & peripherals: The conventional monitors must be avoided and the LED or LCD displays shall be used to reduce on the power consumptions. Similarly the printing and other facilities shall be discarded as much as possible. It will surely help you in keeping control on the power consumptions. Alike the gadgets local components shall be avoided as much as possible.

The vacuum cleaners:

Similar to the washing machine and dishwashers the energy efficient product shall be purchased to avoid the higher utility bills.

The common household:

Apart; the best way is to go for annual energy audit to keep in control on the energy consumption.


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